I worked on design of the 2013 Vans BTS range.
Design work started with bag design and after that all-over print design in two color-ways.
Small accessories were added also.
Products are in European shops now at the BTS section.

Vans d pack
Vans day backpack

Vans double backpack
Vans double backpack

Vans ergo backpack with air mesh back panel and extra front pocket
Vans ergo backpack

Vans Shoulderbag
Vans shoulder bag

Vans oval pen case
Vans oval pencase

Vans square pen case
Vans square pencase

Vans round pen case
Vans round pen case


Design of Vans backpack range and graphics on all products in two color-ways: black, white and black, grey

Vans d pack
vans daypack black, white

vans daypack black, white
Vans double backpack
vans backpack white, blackvans backpack black, grey
Vans Shoulderbag
vans shoulderbag black, white vans shoulderbag black, grey

Vans oval pencase
vans oval pencase black, whitevans ovalpencase black, white

Design of Vans product range and graphics in three color-ways: black, white and brown

Vans d pack

Vans double d pack

Vans courier bag

Vans skate backpack

Vans messenger bag


Vans pencase square

Vans pencase round

Design of the 2009 Vans agenda cover.