For the 2012 Esprit¬†kids, 6 till 9 years old school range I designed the shapes and graphics of the 4 different color ways.¬†Each color way had it’s own graphic placement and look true use of different fabrics and color placement.

Esprit 4 color ways and themes
Esprit themes
Esprit kids backpack function
Esprit backpack function

Esprit kids gymbag
Esprit gymbag

Esprit kids backpack small
Esprit backpack small

Esprit kids bowler
Esprit bowler

Esprit kids gymsack
Esprit gymsack

Esprit kids ordner
Esprit ordner

Esprit kids oval and round pen case
Esprit oval pencase and round pen case

Esprit kids wallets
Esprit wallets

For the 2011 Esprit back to school range I designed the shapes of the Esprit bags.
Also made the 2 design and colorways for the Esprit graphic all over prints on polyester fabric.

Esprit collection is in 2 colorways
Esprit collection in 2 color ways
Esprit double d pack
Esprit double d pack backpack

Esprit rucksack
Esprit rucksack backpack
Esprit gymsack

Esprit gymsack